• The mission of the SIMPS is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, leaning and research at the highest levels of excellence and to stand on the same scaffold with other institutions of eminence.
    • To instill tendency in the students to learn more and more.
    • To develop an enquiring mind.
    • To provide education this enhances the ability of students to learn throughout their lives.
    • The encouragement of a questioning spirit
    • To introduce an extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups.
    • To attain quality and depth of provisions across all subjects.
    • To provide the close inter-relationship between teaching, scholarship and research
    • To provide with the opportunities for broadening the experience of students and staff through participation in, music, drama, the visual arts and other cultural activities because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Equal importance to co-curricular and extracurricular activities is always a vision of SIMPS.
    • As part of our Learning strategy, SIMPS Institution affirms a list of attributes and qualities to be found in the SIMPS Students. These goals for the best educational experience we could offer to our students including the characteristics of being an active citizen who respects diversity and an educated person who is ‘culturally agile and able to work in multinational settings’.
    • The role of Institution is to acknowledge that people have genuine concerns and difficulties – and to work on solutions to these – but also to be a place of diversity, openness, inclusion and welcome.
    • Our Institution shows what a perspective community can and should be. A place of diversity in which talents are brought together to do well in our world. 
    • Some of the leaders of the future are with us at SIMPS now and takes it to make the very most of them being amongst us. Let’s learn from and teach one another about our hope for a future society typified by talent and respect

    Information Brochure

      • To enroll, retain and educate a diverse student body composed in individuals who have high potential for academic success.
      • To attract and retain a diverse and highly qualified faculty and staff
      • To develop and enhance in the institution a tradition of excellence in teaching and concern for students.  
      • To provide a supportive, safe and secure academic environment that stimulates a sense of community.
      •  To provide responsive, effective and efficient services needed to support exemplary academic and public service programs. 

      Career Center

      • SIMPS’s Career Center will assist current students in developing skills that transform their theological knowledge and sense of calling into a world-changing job and career. Visit the Career Center.

      For answers to your questions about SIMPS’s degree programs, contact the admissions office at 011-23216371